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  • Allergic Reaction Policy
    I hope that you have a wonderful experience using my handmade products. Everyone is unique (and very special) and so is your body and as with all skincare, reactions are possible. All my products have certification by a chartered chemist and scientist and comply with EU regulations. All the ingredients in each product are listed on the products page as well as on the product or instruction leaflets with the product. Please read these and check that you're not allergic to anything. Always do a patch test before using a new product or if you have a sensitive skin and wait 24 hours before using. Please seek advice if you are unsure before buying or using, I love to talk about my products so please contact me. Due to this I am not responsible for any reaction as this is down to the individuals skin and not the product itself.
  • How do I do a Patch Test?
    If you have sensitive skin or are trying a new product a patch test will identify if you will have an adverse reaction to a product. Follow these simple steps. 1. Apply a small amount of the product with a cotton bud onto clean, dry skin on the inside of your elbow or wrist. Cover with a plaster or bandage. If you are currently using a steroid cream or have been taking prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, your test may not be accurate. I recommend seeking advice from your doctor or health care practitoner before using the products. Do not apply after showering as the heat and humidity can affect the results. Wait at least 30 minutes before applying so the skin can return to its normal state. 2. Leave the product on for 24 hours or if your skin is very sensitive or you are prone to reactions leave for 48 hours. This will allow time for delayed reactions to appear. If no reaction occurs you should be safe to use the product. If you are still unsure repeat this process for 7 days. If any reactions occur such a stinging, redness, burning, itchiness, soreness, red bumps under the skin or rash or dryness and flaking like eczema, stop using the product immediately, wash the area thoroughly with cold water. In very rare and extreme cases an allergic reaction could occur which causes respiratory problems or nausea. In this case seek medical help.
  • What are essential oils?
    These are highly aromatic, concentrated substance derived from plants. Each oil type is produced from a single plant type often by steam or water distillation. The oils can be obtained from different parts of a plant such as the roots, leaves, petals, wood, buds, needles or bark. Each oil contains many chemical constituents that have their own special therapeutic properties and can be used or applied in several ways, such as by body massage or inhalation. Essential oils have been used for many centuries, certainly since Roman times.
  • Are your products tested on animals?
    We never test our products on animals only family and friends! We always buy our raw products from responsible companies who do not test on animals.
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