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'Cat fish' and 'Mice'.

'Cat fish' and 'Mice'.


The idea gifts for your feline friends!

Cat fish are fish shaped cat toys filled with 100% catmint and no wading! The Elizabethan herbalist, Gerard, wrote about the herb Nepeta cataria (Cat mint) - ‘They do call it ‘herba cataria’ and ‘herb catti’ because cats are very much delighted herewith for the smell of it is so pleasant unto them, that they rub themselves upon it and wallow or tumble in it’. It is thought that about 80% of cats react to and enjoy the aroma of the herb. This also includes ‘big cats’ such as lions, tigers and leopards.

The plant Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a member of the mint family. It is the volatile oil, Nepetalactone, present in the stems and leaves of the plant that cats react to. When the cat smells the herb it becomes very playful. The response lasts about 5 – 10 minutes when your cat will return to normal.

Cats have an acute sense of smell. It is believed to be at least 14 times stronger than human.


Mice shaped cat toys filled with catmint and wadding with and elastic tail which adds a bit of ‘bouncy, pouncy’ fun for your cat.

  • Safety


    Not for consumption. For cat use only! Always supervise your cat while it plays with the toy. Check the catfish or mouse regularly for damage. It can be composted.

    Contents: Cotton outer

    Filled with 100% Nepeta cataria

    Bouncy Cat Fish and Mice also contain elastic and two small beads.

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