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Sleep Sachets

Sleep Sachets


These sachets contain Lavender, Chamomile and Hops, which I grow and dry myself. I  use Liberty Tana Lawn, a wonderful 100% cotton fabric with a lovely, light feel and with iconic Liberty prints.  The soothing aromas of these three herbs have been used for centuries by herbalist, Lavender and Hops are believed to contain sleep inducing properties and Lavender and Chamomile may help to calm and soothe.

  • How to use.

    Remove the sachet from its packaging, give it a little shake to even out the contents.  Place the sachet between your pillow and pillowcase.  Lay your head near to the sachet, it doesn't have to be on it, and the warmth of your body will help to release the lovely aroma's of the herbs.  If you require less aroma place the sachet next to your bed or under your pillow.

  • Safety.

    Not for consumption. Not suitable for babies or young children or for use during pregnancy. If any allergic reactions occur stop using immediately. Use in a well ventilated room.  Do not use if you suffer from asthma, repiratory conditions or are allergic to plants in the  Asteraceae or daisy family. The sachet can be composted.

  • Contents.

    Lavender (Lavandula ougustifolia), Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile & Matricaria recutita). and Hops (Humulus lupulus).


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